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Our Summit


The Fashion Law Africa Summit is now a must attend event each year for business leaders, fashion professionals, designers, and fashion law students interested in learning more about the African fashion sector. Our Summit's are a two-day event packed full of workshops, networking, in-depth conversations and learning, providing essential insights into the developing opportunities, challenges and solutions for the African fashion landscape. It is an opportunity for black designers to learn the tools necessary to protect and expand their brand and for international brands to learn more on how to navigate in the African fashion space.





The Fashion Law Africa Summit brings together an industry ecosystem of designers, retailers, brands, entrepreneurs, attorneys, educators, and organizations to explore the issues and opportunities facing Africa's rapidly growing fashion industry.


Some of the subjects we cover at our summit are fashion law, cultural appropriation, importing and exporting, sustainability, manufacturing, the importance of improving the curriculum in fashion schools, the fundamentals of starting a fashion business and much more.

Past Summits

Past speakers are from

Chelsea Lim, NY

"The summit was a great learning and immersive experience. It opened my eyes to different perspectives of the fashion indutry."
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