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Worldwide interest in African fashion and talent is growing, and we are seeing a number of African designers win prestigious Fashion awards and take up creative roles in the world's top brands or African brands gaining traction on the global market, and with that, the issues confronting the African fashion industry and the exploitation of African textile and design are increasing. There has also been a long-standing lack of information and resources for the African fashion sector, which we hope to change.


Our goal is to promote the African fashion sector both domestically and internationally. Promote collaboration and dialogue with the international community to boost its position in the global fashion ecosystem and to promote recognition and acclaim.


We also want to enhance the curriculum across the continent to make sure that designers and other industry professionals have the information and tools required to prevent errors and/or exploitation. with a focus on instructing brands and designers on the need of brand protection and suitable techniques for doing so.


Most importantly, protection of African fashion textiles and African craftsmanship, and progress beyond the made in Africa label and stigma.

Overall, our goal is to educate, empower, and protect African designers, as well as to invite the global community through conversation and collaboration.



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Florence and Fifth
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By bringing the African fashion sector to the international stage, teaching the world community how to collaborate, collaborating with institutions on the continent and filling the gap in their curriculum, and providing resources for African brands, we hope to raise awareness of the continent's growing design sector, and help empower African brands and designers.

How we do this

We intend to bring our mission and vision to life through our annual events, which will encourage discussions about the African fashion industry, fashion law, business, finance, sustainability, and manufacturing. With a focus on cultural appropriation, sustainability, scaling, raising capital, how we can engage and bring emerging designers to a global stage,  practical ways to change the narrative surrounding the "Made in Africa" label, and so much more. Our workshops and programs bring experts from all over the continent and the globe.

Furthermore, tackling challenges facing the African fashion sector through our number of initiatives that include collaborating with institutions across the continent to close the curriculum gap, implementing new policies and offering free legal and business mentoring consulting as well as challenging African textile protection.

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Andrea Iyamah
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