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One of our commitments is to develop initiatives that support the African fashion ecosystem, promote sustainable development, and protect African fashion. We also pledge to enhance the continent's fashion school curriculum and promote economic development by facilitating the implementation of programs that disseminate information and resources.

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Office Hours

Office Hours is an initiative that has been launched in collaboration with the Fashion Law Institute, to offer free legal and business advice to African brands and designers. Eight brands will be selected to take part in a pro-bono Fashion Law Pop-up clinic and a one-on-one Business mentoring session.

The Curriculum 

TFLAS is committed to collaborating with educational institutions to democratize and innovate the fashion curriculum, as well as develop training on how to build fashion businesses and teach ways to safeguard African fashion, with a primary focus on brand protection, cultural appropriation, and business foundations.


We currently collaborate with African fashion schools and offer 6 to 12 week programs.

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Property Protection of Traditional African Textile

Our initiative's mission is to preserve, share, and protect African textile legacies. The commercial diversification of African traditional and unique textiles in recent years has resulted in economic misappropriation. Lower-quality textiles are marketed and sold as originals in other countries, or they are used with no recognition of their history and no financial benefit to the traditional owners. Furthermore, rather than being revered as the embodiment of specific African cultural histories, African textile  from various countries is in danger of being viewed as a generic African fabric. PPTAT goal is to address these issues and put solutions in place.

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