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Brand Spotlight

Every month, we choose two African brands that are making waves and breaking new ground in the fashion industry. Our objective is to showcase them and draw attention to the incredible work they are carrying out.

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Malondie was founded in South African in 2015 by Londeka Buthelezi, a gifted South African mother of three. She initially travelled overseas to buy clothes which she sold from her apartment. Not afraid of hard work, she took up the challenge to design her own clothes, founding Dream Fashion, a fast-moving women's fashion brand in 2015.


The company’s small factory currently employs six people. In 2017, she opened her first store in Menlyn Mall, Pretoria and also launched her online store.

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AJABENG is a unisex brand from Ghana that was created at the confluence of minimalism and modern African art and culture. The brand mixes these two seemingly unrelated components to produce a look that embodies the brightness of African culture as well as minimalism's purity.


The flamboyance of traditional African womenswear, the DIY attitude of Accra's streetwear scene, and the stark geometry of art deco architecture served as inspiration for AJABENG's experimentation with both feminine and masculine design elements to produce an aesthetic that is both experimental and traditional.

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